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The Culture of Thermostats

The Culture of Thermostats

Posted Jun 11, 2015

A blog from our talented summer intern, Quincy Kittle:

Imagine a five-year old girl wearing an outfit with enough sparkles on it to blind incoming traffic, adorned with bright red lipstick, perched proudly on top of a horse. Welcome to horse showing culture, comparable to a beauty pageant on top of a horse. I’ve grown up completely immersed in this environment, always having horses at my home in Clinton, Michigan and horse showing ever since I had enough core strength to sit straight on a horse. Labeled the “horse girl” in my small hometown marked me as an expert on anything involved with horses, therefore it was assumed I would pursue an equine related career. In contrast to popular opinion, the horse is not the field I am studying, but instead I am learning about the culture behind horses, actually the culture of everything. I am pursuing a degree in Comparative Cultures and Politics along with minors in Spanish, and Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy at Michigan State University.

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