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The Power of Public Comment

Posted Jan 18, 2018 by Ryan Kiscaden

The city of Philadelphia recently issued a 55-page report, “Power Our Future: A Clean Energy Vision for Philadelphia.” It was an admirable undertaking, attempting to develop and articulate a plan that was logical, workable and most important, responsive to energy and environmental concerns for the city’s long-term future.

We should commend them for the effort. However, the alarm bell started ringing when I read this sentence: “Buy a programmable thermostat to reduce energy usage when you’re away from home.” On the surface, a sensible suggestion. However, what was lacking is any advice that a consumer or business should follow if they were replacing a mercury-filled unit.

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Recycling and a Degree of Proportionality

Posted Jan 8, 2018 by Ryan Kiscaden

As I approach my second anniversary as Executive Director at Thermostat Recycling Corp. (TRC), I spend considerable effort urging businesses and consumers to recycle their mercury-filled thermostats.

Sometimes, my intensity in these endeavors and TRC’s broad marketing efforts might seem to diminish the issue of proportionality regarding mercury thermostats contribution to the environmental stream.

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