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Casio Gets into the Mercury-Free World

Posted Mar 28, 2018

New Projector Protects the Environment

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Smart thermostat trend

Smarter One Thermostat at a Time

Posted Mar 26, 2018 by Ryan Kiscaden

Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats are very different.  Smart thermostats are the way of the future.

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Thermostats, TRC and Our Elevator Speech

Posted Mar 15, 2018 by Ryan Kiscaden

But what is it that you do?

Most of us have had the experience asking that question (mentally) of someone who just spent five minutes describing themselves and their company, yet the precise definition of the person’s duties or the company’s purpose remained hazy.

Thermostat Recycling Corp. is fortunate that I can distill what we do and explain our mission in a simple sentence: We keep mercury out of the waste stream to protect the environment.

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