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The Search for Perfect Collection Data

Posted Nov 17, 2017 by Ryan Kiscaden

Recently, I read Brian Loftus’ September 2017 Data-Driven Newsletter.

Loftus, HARDI’s Market Research & Benchmarking analyst, made the general observation about the impact of weather on equipment sales. He was specifically referring to warm weather in August 2016, which saw higher sales of ducted air conditioners and ducted heat pumps when compared with August 2017. The culprit for the lower sales this year, he suggested, was an unusually warmer August the previous year.

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“Honey, Please Check the Thermostat”

Posted Sep 29, 2017 by Ryan Kiscaden

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas residents are bracing for another deluge: the sounds of reconstruction as the state begins to rebuild, on its way to a semblance of normalcy. And within this leviathan reconstruction effort lurks a significant hazardous waste issue that both consumers and contractors must address, and one about which my organization has a particular concern: the safe removal and disposal of mercury-filled thermostats.


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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills… And Mercury in Them Thar Lakes!

Posted Aug 3, 2017

While many believe that mercury contamination resulted from the improper disposal of products such as mercury-containing thermostats, batteries, and light bulbs, its genesis is actually tied to an important time in America’s evolution.

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