Meet Christyn Zehnder: From Lions to Thermostats
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Meet Christyn Zehnder: From Lions to Thermostats

Posted Feb 27, 2014

‚ÄčThe first ambition I ever had was to become a lion tamer when I grew up.  No joke.  Most children at the age of five eagerly state they want to be a ballerina, fireman, movie star, doctor or some other exciting profession that appeals to a small child.  Not me.  Relatives and friends would gather around me and ask what sound a lion makes.  I would proudly respond by making a roaring sound and state that when I grew up I would become a lion tamer.

Needless to say, my five-year-old hopes and dreams didn’t exactly work out as planned.  All of a sudden I’m “all grown up,” and the closest I have come to a lion is at a safe distance at the National Zoo.  Instead of doing daring tricks such as sticking my head in a lion’s mouth, I’ve received a Master’s degree, navigated through the restaurant marketing world, dabbled in non-profit, and have now ended up in the world of recycling mercury thermostats.

My five-year old self never would have guessed I’d be doing marketing for recycling mercury thermostats.  And she certainly had no idea what the odd looking box on the wall did, and why mom would always yell at dad to turn it up or down.  However, I am looking toward the future with the optimism and fervor of a five-year-old, knowing there is still a lot for me to learn, but there are even more exciting opportunities that have yet to be experienced.  And for now, I’ll just continue to admire lions at the zoo.  Unless I can figure out a way to teach them to recycle thermostats…