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Mississippi Queen

Posted May 25, 2016

A blog from our talented summer intern, Queen Brown.

I checked Facebook earlier this morning and at the top of my newsfeed was a memory. I graduated from Ocean Springs High School in Ocean Springs, MS this same time four years ago. Wow! Four years ago, I was closing a chapter of my life to begin a new one to explore and chase my dreams.

Fast forward four years, I am a graduating senior, double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in African-American Studies at Mississippi State University. This time, even more than a high school diploma, I will be receiving two degrees. Also, by graduation, I will have received an awesome (I’m claiming it!) experience in Washington, DC as a Demmer Scholar and an intern at the Thermostat Recycling Corporation in Alexandria, VA. With only a few law classes under my belt, I am already jumping head first into bills, regulations, and legislation pertaining to the entire industry of mercury thermostats. Good thing I love to read! I am so privileged to be around such knowledgeable people and it definitely is a motivator to me. By the end of this summer, I plan to have contributed as much to TRC as they have contributed experience, insight, and recommendation letters to me!

Looking four years into the future, I will be graduating from law school and, prayerfully, entering into a career that is as fun, motivating, and world-changing as the TRC is. With whatever field or industry I enter into, Mississippi Queen will have a whole new meaning!