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TRC News Archives: June 2018

California Imposes Massive Penalty

California Imposes Massive Penalty

Posted Jun 26, 2018

Penalty Increased from $25,000 per day to $70,000 per day. 

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Environmental Milestones

Posted Jun 25, 2018

The last 40 years have seen dramatic changes in environmental stewardship. But the history of environmentalism goes back into the late 19th century.

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Welcome Summer!

Posted Jun 21, 2018

Every kid knows that June 21st is the "longest day of the year."  Technically, it is the day with the longest number of daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. But you get the point.

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The Nudge: A Nobel Winning Solution to Increasing the Recycling of Mercury Containing Thermostats?

Posted Jun 4, 2018

Nudging people and organizations to recycle mercury containing thermostats may be an effective way to create substantial change. 

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