BMOP 2018 Announced
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BMOP 2018 Announced

Posted Apr 24, 2018

BMOP (Banish Mercury Off the Planet) is a competition for HARDI members to see which distributor can recycle the most mercury thermostats. So, why participate?

Are you in it to win it?

  • Show customers your commitment to the environment by offering them a simple recycling solution.
  • Compete with fellow distributors - don't give your customers a reason to recycle at your competitor.
  • Earn bragging rights as the wholesaler who banished the greatest amount of mercury off the planet at the 2018 HARDI Annual Conference where winning distributors will be recognized.

The competition rund from 1 May 2018 through 31 October 2018!

  1. No need to sign up, all HARDI members are automatically enrolled.
  2. Confirm all your branch locations have a TRC container to collect mercury thermostats. If not, contact TRC at 888-266-0550 or to enroll in the program and mention “BMOP” for a limited-time free recycling container.
  3. Fill your recycling containers as fast as you can, and return them using the shipping label like you normally would. Your collections will automatically be tallied for the competition.

Three Ways to Win

1.  Distributor that recycles the most pounds of mercury overall
2.  Distributor that recycles the highest average pounds of mercury (total pounds divided by number of locations that returned thermostats)
3.  Distributor with the highest branch location participation rate

Visit for details.