Manufacturers Begin Implementation of New CT Thermostat Law
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Manufacturers Begin Implementation of New CT Thermostat Law

Posted Apr 1, 2013

A new law requires all mercury thermostats removed from service in Connecticut by HVAC contractors and technicians must be recycled.
The law also requires all HVAC wholesale distributors with facilities in the state to act as a collection point for waste mercury thermostats. All that contractors and technicians need to do is hold onto the mercury thermostats they remove from service and return them to any HVAC wholesale distributor in the state to recycle them at no cost.
The Connecticut collection program is supported by 31 manufacturers participating in Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC). The new Connecticut law requires all manufacturers of mercury thermostats sold in the state to either individually or collectively participate in a program. TRC’s program is the easiest and least-cost means of complying with Connecticut law.
For more information about participating in the program or signing up as a collection location, visit TRC’s website at