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New California Regulation Requires a Contractors State Licensing Board ID

Posted Jun 18, 2013

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has placed additional requirements on C-20 HVAC and C-21 Demolition contractors and business collecting waste mercury thermostats through manufacturer sponsored program(s).   Beginning July 1, 2013, these contractors or their employees, upon delivering a waste mercury thermostat to a collection location, must provide the location with their contractors State Licensing Board Identification Number (CSLB).
Alternatively, contractors or their employees may deliver their waste mercury thermostats in a plastic bag or other container and print the CSLB number on the bag or on a label attached to the bag or container.  This regulation also requires manufacturers or their collection program to report these numbers on an annual basis to the agency.
TRC is working with its collection partners in California to facilitate compliance with this new regulation and encourages contractors to contact their local HVAC wholesale distributor to confirm their participation in TRC’s program. All HVAC wholesale distributers in California are required by law to act as collection points for waste mercury thermostats.  Distributors who don’t are prohibited from selling any thermostat and may also be subject to significant civil penalties.