Thermostat Recycling Celebrates 20 Years of Collecitng Mercury Thermostats
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Thermostat Recycling Corporation Celebrates 20 Years

Posted Apr 22, 2018

There is no better day to announce our 20th Anniversary plans than on Earth Day.  For the last two decades, TRC has been a proud and enthusiastic participant in the move to secure a clean, green and sustainable future for planet Earth.  Look for our logo throughout the year. We’ll be using it with special posts marking milestones in our history as well as milestones in the environmental movement.

The first Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April 1970, was a reflection of the times.  As civil unrest, the anti-warm and civil rights movements reshaped the nation, protestors also turned their attention to the environment and coalesced activists who had previously been focused on separate environmental issues like deforestation, air pollution and acid rain, endangered species, etc.  In the 48 years since the first Earth Day, the environmental movement has become a major force in politics and the economy.

Since the 1970’s mercury pollution in the environment has dropped dramatically.  But since the 1990s, alone, mercury contamination has been reduced by 30%.  It was in 1998 that that

Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) launched as a voluntary take-back initiative lead by HVAC industry.  For twenty-years TRC has been a proudly working to ensure mercury no longer threatens our environment.  

Since our inception, TRC has safely collected and properly disposed of millions of mercury-containing thermostats.  We’ve kept thousands of pounds of mercury from the waste stream and our environment.  As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we will be promoting our mission and talking about the strides we’ve made over the years.

Thank you to our members, our collection partners and our colleagues for two-decades of support.