Thermostat Recycling Corporation Celebrates Spring
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Thermostat Recycling Corporation Celebrates Spring

Posted Mar 20, 2018

Daylight Savings.  Flowers.  Colorful eggs.  Spring cleaning.

There are so many traditions associated with the change of seasons, and Spring is no exception.  Spring officially arrived today at 12:15PM, EDT.  This is the "vernal equinox."  It is when the sun crosses the Earth's equator from south to north.  It is one of only two times in the year when daylight hours equal the number of night hours. 

In ancient times, the vernal equinox was the start of the new year.  It signified the start of the new harvest season.  And some legands say that it is one of two times a year when an egg can be stood on end.

Speaking of eggs, ancient cultures including the Chinese and Egyptians held the egg as a symbol of the universe.  It became widely accepted as a sign of spring's renewal. 

Even though it is snowing fiercly here on the East Coast, Thermostat Recycling Corporation is lookiing forward to warmer temps, longer days and everything that Spring brings.