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TRC Names Naperville Fire Department Collection Partner of the Month for August 2017

Posted Aug 2, 2017

According to Captain Rick Zakaras, Naperville Fire Department, TRC’s mercury thermostat recycling program “has provided a simple, safe and convenient method to dispose of thermostats” for Naperville residents. And the results show it.

Since 2012, the department, which serves as one of only four permanent drop-off locations for household hazardous waste (HHW) in the state of Illinois, has collected 869 mercury thermostats through the program.  As such, TRC has named the Naperville Fire Department August’s Collection Partner of the Month for 2017.

According to Captain Zakaras, everyone in his company is trained and understands the importance of the program. Crew members often take the time to explain the hazards of mercury and other waste materials to anyone who stops by.  

“People in and around our community want to do the right thing,” said Captain Zakaras. “They are thrilled with our program and happy to dispose of mercury properly.”

Zakaras goes on to explain that every Hazardous Materials Technician in his crew is aware and trained to respond to mercury spills. Knowing the consequences of mercury exposure, the team strives to eliminate and properly dispose of all mercury, including thermostats in the compliant way.

Nestled outside of Chicago, the City of Naperville leads the way in sustainability initiatives for the state of Illinois. Just last November, the municipality received the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award, in part because of its new regional HHW facility.

The facility, located on Naperville’s Environmental Collection Campus, is part of the complex’s one-stop-drop for area residents to safely recycle everything from paper and electronics to household products and prescription medications.


During a recent garbage truck fire, Naperville firefighter Sashko checks the rubbish for potentially hazardous materials and removes any before catching on fire.


Naperville Fire Department crew often take the time to explain the hazards of mercury and other waste materials to those who stop by the firehouse.  

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