The Center for EcoTechnology has been changing thermostats in peoples’ homes for many years.  When those thermostats contain mercury, we bring them back to our locations and use TRC’s convenient collection bins for proper recycling.  We have recycled thousands thermostats over the years of using TRC’s program.

Lorenzo Macaluso
Director, Green Business Services
Center for EcoTechnology

“Our team does a great job collecting mercury filled thermostats and doing our part for the environment.  Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) makes it really easy to collect and recycle the mercury filled thermostats and is focused on extended producer responsibility. So we proudly support all their efforts.”

Greg Cohen
Operations Manager
The Star Supply Co.

“In 2012 alone, we helped over 20,000 families spend less to be more comfortable in their homes by providing home energy assessments and instant savings measures such as programmable thermostats, which can save a family up to 15% on their heating and cooling bills annually. Participating in the TRC program as a collection site makes it easy for us to properly dispose of the mercury thermostats we collect when performing energy assessments so we can help keep mercury out of the waste stream.”

Gabe Shapiro
V.P. of Outreach
Next Step Living

"On the phone today you were very helpful and answered all my needs quickly.  Your responsiveness was in several ways beyond my expectations and deserves a big thank you!"

Bruce Fritz
Household Hazardous Waste Manager
Alameda County