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Enrolling in the Program

TRC screens all applicants to the program and requires a completed participation form/agreement prior to shipment of a recycling container(s).  Participation forms are available to fill out online or in PDF format, and are also available upon request by calling TRC toll free at 1-888-266-0550.

TRC offers two different container options, small pails and large bins. Small pails are ideal for one-time use, while large bins are best for those with continuous recycling needs. 

TRC charges a nominal fee to participate in the program in all states, with the exception of New York and select California locations (please see the respective TRC state-specific webpage for more information).

Fees are payable by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express accepted) with the completed application, or with the request of an invoice.  TRC will also accept purchase orders and issue invoices when required by the purchasing authority.  Fees are not refundable.