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Who's in it to win it?

More than 1,000 HARDI member distributor locations are competing to see who can recycle the most mercury thermostats.


Does your thermostat contain mercury?

View our handy cheat sheet to see if it should be recycled.


Promote your Recycling Program.

Enjoy free downloads from our promotional toolkit to make customers aware that you're a mercury thermostat collector.


You May be Breaking the Law.

Many states require proper disposal of mercury thermostats.


Safe Storage and Transport

Proper handling and shipping is paramount to the continuing success of our program and the safety of you and our staff.

Recycle With Us

Find out how your business/community can participate as a collection site.

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TRC Highlights

Hard work pays off. See what we've done lately to help protect the environment.

Latest News

TRC Welcomes New Operations and Marketing Coordinator

Posted Sep 4, 2014

Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is pleased to announce the addition of Alex Monié to TRC as the organization’s Operations and Marketing Coordinator, a new position at TRC. Alex has joined the team to aid the...

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Latest Media Release

Thermostat Recycling Corporation Launches New Loyalty Program in California

Posted Oct 8, 2014

TRC has launched a new loyalty program in California allowing HVAC technicians to earn points for each mercury thermostat recycled at participating locations. Points can be redeemed online for brand-name merchandise.

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Tips to Promote Your Recycling Efforts

Posted Aug 15, 2014

If you participate in TRC’s program, either as a mercury thermostat collection location or as a person who recycles mercury thermostats, you’re doing a good deed and helping the environment. (And if you don’t...

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